Sep 152011

Burton T6 Freeride Snowboard 162

Terje Haakonsen Design

Sale $509.95

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Burton T6 is a unique board, developed by Burton in conjunction with Terje Haakonsen for the advanced big mountain rider who wants ultimate performance. Available in standard and wide, this one is standard width. The T6 is one of only two Burton boards that are built on the Alumafly core. Alumafly is a unique core and it is not wood, it’s not composite and it’s not plastic.

The core is made of aircraft grade aluminum so it’s as strong as you can get, and its hexagonal cell pattern makes it lighter than anything else. The core is over 90% air.  The core then gets an overlay of triaxial fiberglass, and the resulting board is one of the stiffest on the market.

Stainless steel pressure distribution edges make for durability and control. The base is sintered N2O WFO, the fastest base on the market, that’ll take whatever wax you prefer and hold on to it. If you want a board that’ll take you to the edge and just a bit over, the T6 will do it.
Key Features of The Burton T6 Snowboard 162cm:

  • The Channel *NEW*
  • Smooth Ride Technology
  • SHAPE: Directional
  • FLEX: Directional
  • FEEL: 8
  • CORE: Alumafly Core with Multizone EGD and Even Profile
  • FIBERGLASS: Triax Response
  • BASE: Sintered N2O WFO
  • EDGES: Stainless Steel Pressure Distribution Edges with Grip and Rip Tune
  • SIDEWALLS: Slantwall
  • EXTRAS: Pro-Tip and Infinite Ride
  • Length: 162cm
  • Effective Edge:125.5
  • Waist Width:24.8cm
  • Tip/Tail Width:29.35cm
  • Sidecut:8.12m
Read Dave’s Review of this Snowboard
Dave here at The House talking about the Burton T6 snowboard. What you’re looking at is pretty much the highest end free ride snowboard in the range. Definitely going to be the stiffest snowboard they got. You’re looking about an 8 out of 10 on this one. It’s going to be highly responsive snowboard, really, really good for the advanced free rider, something rocking a lot of natural terrain and powder or somebody doing snowboarder cross.

What you’re looking at here is it has the same core as the Vapor snowboard. It’s an aluminum honeycomb, same technology that’s used in Fighter helicopter blades. So you know how it works in the snowboard. From there, you still have the engineered grain direction running underneath the snowboard binding positions which is going to promote energy from the track out to the edge.

This is the only snowboard that features a smooth ride technology because of how aggressive the snowboard handles. They want to give you a little extra dampening, a little extra suspension and they include these softer pads right underneath where the toe and heel of the snowboard binding go.

From there you’ve got a pretty beefy slant wall. Obviously that’s going to give you that stiff flex that the snowboard is known for. You do have stainless steel edges on this one running all the way around. And basically that’s to keep it from rusting. It’s going to hold an edge a lot longer. It does have the pressure distribution edge which will bump out the edge ever so slightly underneath the snowboard binding positions giving you two extra points of contact. Really holds an edge good on ice. Definitely you would climb a pipe wall pretty easily.

From there, you’ve got their sintered N20 base. Extremely fast and definitely comes from the factory with finish better than any other company out there. Just impregnated with wax that will last for a while after you get it, but then the more you wax it the faster it gets. It does have the infinite ride process built into it. They over build the snowboard, sticking a machine that stimulates about three years of usage. So, definitely maintain its flights throughout the life of the snowboard.

Finally to round it all up, Pininfarina did the graphics on this one. They are definitely known more for like their Ferrari design stuff like that. It’s actually automotive paint that they put on this. It definitely has the nicest paint finish that I’ve seen on a snowboard to date. Yeah Burton T6 snowboard: You have been riding for a while, looking for a super aggressive free ride snowboard, this is the top one I got in the shop.

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