Apr 302011

Eliza Touring Kayak for Women

Eliza Touring Kayak (Women’s)

Eliza touring kayak by Necky sets the standard for woman specific high performance . This kayak is engineered for maximum comfort.  The Eliza has a compact cockpit giving you total security, helping you to feel more in tune with the craft. Sitting in the Eliza, you can feel the added control it give you.  The balance is exceptional for anyone who is learning to paddle, and the maneuverability and reduced drag will help you keep up with the guys, or pass them.


Features Include:

  • Ergonomically designed cockpit geared for a small to medium female frame
  • Shallow V hull
  • Necky touring seat with backband
  • Bow and stern Cross Lock hatches with bulkheads
  • Comfort Fit thigh braces
  • Reflective deck rigging
  • Rudder system with adjustable foot pedals
  • Light weight
  • The Eliza cockpit is wide at the hips but shorter in length, allowing for easier spray deck installation and removal.
  • The 15′ length hull provides optimum efficiency at cruising speed.
  • Low windage and water shedding fore deck combined with a low rear deck allow a small to medium torso to have unrestricted, spirited paddling
  • Polymer version (Plastic)

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