Mar 032013

Jackson Fun Runner 60 and 70 Kayak


Jackson Kayak Fun Runner 60 and Fun Runner 70 is just as fast as a river runner, and as agile a playboat. Similar to the JK Fun, this has a longer, more stable hull that is designed to attack your whitewater river with speed and confidence. Since it is nearly a foot longer than a Fun, and nearly a foot shorter than most creekers it is positioned right in the middle for length, speed, and maneuverability.  This boat is instruction and learning friendly, while it also performs beautifully for the most advanced paddlers.

Jackson Kayak Fun Runner is the type of boat that can give a beginning paddler the confidence that he or she needs to make it through a rapid up right. It will also be a blast for advanced paddlers to charge down high water runs. It is a unique kind of kayak which is a bit shorter than a creeker. Most experienced paddlers will love it, and it is great for instruction.

Jackson Kayak Fun Runner Features:

  • Updated Jackson Outfitting- Sturdy foam seat pad, new back band, uni-shock bulkhead, water bottle and user friendly grab handles
  • You can easily upgrade your seat with the purchase of Jackson’s new Sweet Cheeks
  • Ultimate planing hull designed for fast and loose surfing
  • Tons of speed to clear holes and crashing waves
  • More foot room than a traditional river running play boat
  • Sweet new colors

Sprayskirt Deck Sizes for the Fun Runner 60:

  • Snapdragon: Large
  • Immersion Research: XLarge

Sprayskirt Deck Sizes for the Fun Runner 70:

  • Snapdragon: XLarge
  • Immersion Research: XXLarge


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