Best High Performance 29er XC Mountain Bikes


Featuring the best high performance extreme 29er bikes available. 29er XC mountain bikes have rapidly become the most popular type of mountain bike on the market. Here we feature the best 29er bikes from Santa Cruz 29er Bikes, Competitive Cyclist 29er Bikes, Breezer 29ers, Diamondback 29er Bikes, Rocky Mountain 29er Bikes, Salsa 29er Bikes, Salsa, Firebird, Mach 4, Speedfox, Trailfox and other top brands.

The listings directly below include some special builds from Competitive Cyclist. This outfit not only offers bikes for sale, but they also create unique bike builds which they test ride and sometimes compete with on the circuit. When you visit each bike link, there will be a complete review included. These are truly high performance bikes which usually are not available in shops or on other websites.

Best 29er Bikes from Competitive Cyclist (including reviews)

Several bikes offered by Competitive Cyclist are unique builds for high performance

Best 29er Bikes Offered by JensonUSA

Watch This Fast Downhill Run on a 29er Mountain Bike

MTBR has information about the 29er bike at this page
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